Old Predictive Analytics

SAP’s predictive analytics tools give contextual predictive insights – instantly – as part of SAP® Analytics Cloud.
Guided machine learning and discovery allows all users to quickly and easily run what-if analysis, forecasts, and predictive scoring. On big data and small.

Forecast Your Business Growth

  • Answer business questions by analysing patterns in your data within SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Model, Analyse and forecast your financial data. Make changes on the fly, simplify financial analysis with interactive visuals
  • Plan for the future by forecasting revenue based on real outcomes
  • Uncover trends in your data, before the trends start
  • Forecast future scenarios by investigating business scenarios in an intuitive user interface. Advanced automated machine learning discovery gives you an unbiased view of the key variables influencing all aspect of your operations.
  • Challenge opinions with up to the minute reporting from the systems that run your business to better understand what drives your business.
  • Predictive analytics can reveal the key drivers impacting your future success.

Predictive Analytics Cloud Product capabilities Include:

  • Guided machine learning discovery – understand KPI’s, uncover relationships
  • Simulation modelling – explore and experiment with business outcomes
  • Smart predictive insights – dive deeper and explore data points for explanations
  • Predictive forecasting – with visual guidance, explore results and test models
  • Intelligent groupings – organise data to reflect your organisation and view insights by group
  • R visualisations – interact and share histograms, box and scatter plots, 3D graphs and more

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