Old Business Intelligence

Agile BI in the cloud tools within SAP Analytics Cloud deliver real-time business intelligence capabilities.

Bring It Altogether – See The Big Picture

Easily connect and blend business data, big or small, from cloud hosted or on-premise data sources using best-of-breed business intelligence tools. SAP Analytics Cloud BI provides one unified view to leverage the value in your data and align users across your business.

Turn Insights Into Actions

Agile Business Intelligence Tools in the cloud help you respond to new business opportunities or challenges quickly and get answers to complicated questions in just a few clicks. While the intuitive navigation helps answer business questions, assess data in real-time and create ad-hoc reporting on the fly.

BI in the cloud allows you to manage KPIs through shared interactive dashboards. To discover insights in your data by creating compelling visualisations with infographics and presentations.

Share Your Insights Like A Pro

Create stunning visualisations to tell your story with role-based personalisation. So you can engage and convince your key audiences using dashboards to succinctly deliver your message, backed by data.

Embedded real-time collaboration features turn insights into actions, right at the point of decision. You can share your findings with partners, suppliers and customers instantly.

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